The countdown to the release of Blood’s Veil on March 15th has truly begun. 

It’s all go here at the Moyce residence, by which I mean, I’m a raving mass of nerves and excitement, alternating between coffee IVs and chain-smoking, and poring over the laptop, muttering curse words. Today, though, I’m mostly excited. I finally get to reveal the cover of Blood’s Veil, my debut romantic suspense novel about Brooke and Ella—two adoptive sisters who return to their home island after the death of their mother. Brooke, the eldest, has a dark past, and it is about to reveal itself, threatening her relationship with Ella, and testing every bond they’ve ever made.

Find out more about Blood’s Veil, or jump right in and read the entire first chapter of this romantic suspense novel right now. For free!

In celebration of my frazzled nerves (it’s been worth it), I am also hosting a giveaway for a signed copy (yay!) of my new book. Keep reading below to find out how to enter.

First things first, though… I’ve got a cover ready and waiting to strip off and show you the goods. So without further rambling, I give you: Blood’s Veil

romantic suspense - blood's veil



So, about that free signed book… there’s a copy up for grabs! One lucky winner will receive a brand new signed copy of Blood’sVeil. The giveaway is live right now, and it is open to any country. Yup, worldwide! Entries close just before midnight on March 16th, so get yours in now!

Here’s how:

A message will appear (like the one below) confirming your entry, along with a series of options. Doing any of these will add bonus entries, increasing your odds of winning! Or you can go ahead and do them all! Woot!

The bonus entries are:

  • Sharing the link with your friends
  • Reading chapter one of Blood’s Veil
  • Tweeting about it on Twitter
  • Pinning it on Pinterest

Simply click each button on the popup message to get your bonus entries in.

The winner will be chosen at random on (or shortly after) the closing date on March 16th, and will be contacted via the email you enter when you sign up for the giveaway.

Good luck, and happy reading!

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**Giveaway now closed