Blood’s Veil




Two sisters. A dark truth…

Would you believe the worst about someone you love?

Returning to their home island isn’t anything that Ella had expected, or wanted. With her mother dead and her father, Hank, in prison, her only constant is her adopted sister, Brooke.

Brooke had hoped never to return to the place that held such horrifying memories for her; but for Ella, she’d do anything: even keep a secret that destroys her.

As past and present collide—with old flames and new love, and a truth insisting on escape—their sisterly bond is tested when Brooke begins to distance herself, for reasons that Ella can’t explain. Ella is caught wanting to believe her father innocent of a terrible crime… and Brooke is terrified that the blood tie between father and daughter will overcome the love that the sisters share—before the veil has a chance to be lifted.

bloods veil shona kaye


Release date: March 14th, 2016

Published by Storm Eye

Available in ebook

Get hooked on this romantic suspense novel set on St Helena island.


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“Enthralling, gripping read! Couldn’t put it down!! A really good read with enough twists and turns to keep your attention gripped from the front page to the back!”


“What an incredible read! This brave, suspense-filled debut is a real page-turner, and I look forward to reading more from Shona Kaye. The author approaches a difficult, sensitive subject with diligence and respect, and does it wonderfully. Shona Kaye’s writing is fluent and enthralling; funny, moving, and gripping by turns, and is a pleasure to read.”


“The emotions ran high and I found myself crying along with the characters, sympathising with them and having a chuckle along the way. The island is described in such a way that it is easy to see the beauty of the place and the closeness of the people. It is a story that started with an unhappy event and then takes you on a journey to help the two sisters find their true selves.”






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