Here She Lies by Katia Lief

GENRE: Suspense | PAGES: 256

My rating: ★★

2/5 or maybe a 2.5/5. Here She Lies was okay. Average. The last half of the book certainly went at a better pace than the first half and the twist in the ending was pleasantly unexpected since everything else up to that point was more predictable than the ending of Romeo and Juliet.

The slow build-up, in the beginning, was off-putting, and the main character wasn’t always believable. She over-reacted to small, more neutral things yet seemed often unfazed by the more horrifying events… Her personality was a bit lacking in places. The fact that she identified with her twin so much that she viewed them as one and the same person was odd (even for a twin thing). I just couldn’t jump on board with the idea of this grown woman having no urge to exert a sense of self. I found myself skim-reading a lot of her inner thoughts and twin-related blurbs because it was just too ridiculous.

The story itself was ok, the writing was fair and it kept me entertained in the two days it took to read it. I have another one by this author on my Kindle so here’s hoping for a slightly more gutsy protagonist.

As for this one, I’d recommend it for passing the time, if you fancy a ‘softcore’ version of a crime thriller.




  Here She Lies


WHEN ANNIE’S IDENTITY IS STOLEN…SHE RUNS BUT CANNOT HIDE. After discovering an email revealing her husband’s infidelity, Annie Milliken is shattered. Dismissing his pleas of innocence, Annie takes their baby daughter and goes to the one person she has always trusted: her twin sister, Julie. Annie and Julie soon become as close as they were growing up, spending their days together, dressing the same, sharing the baby. But when Annie applies for a job, everything comes undone. Her credit cards are stolen just as she’s arrested for grand larceny. The police realize she is the victim of identity theft, but she has yet to understand the true scale of the crime. And when Annie turns to Julie for help, she finds that her twin sister has disappeared…along with her baby. Now with her daughter–and her own life–on the line, Annie is going to fight for what is hers.

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