I Take This Woman by S.K. Quinn

GENRE: Suspense | PAGES: 360

My rating: ★★★

I Take This Woman is an excellent book in that it casts a very real and disturbing glimpse into the world of Thai sex-trafficking and trading.

The different perspectives each really adds depth and insight—from that of the well-intended journalist and the misunderstood male partner to the two step-sisters on opposite ends of the Thai-bride spectrum.

The story was hard-hitting and well-told without being overly graphic, and it ends with hope, which in this case, is sorely needed.

  I Take This Woman


Three mail-order brides killed on their first wedding anniversary. A fourth missing bride approaches one year of marriage. One week to find her. Three mail-order brides have turned up dead – exactly one year after their wedding day. All the brides met their husbands at the same place, a marriage agency that offers a catalogue of women for men to buy. Documentary maker, Ruby Philips, is desperate to uncover the truth before another girl is killed. But with only days before the next bride reaches her one-year shelf life, can Ruby find her in time?

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