Book Review: Taming the Beast by Emily Maguire

GENRE: Dark, Romance | PAGES: 336

My rating: ★★★★

Taming the Beast is raw and unashamed. I practically ate this book in one sitting.

Sarah and Daniel begin their affair and it is Daniel’s own twisted sexual preferences that start to shape Sarah into who she is about to become. He has such power and influence over her, both in the authoritative sense and in the sense of the idealistic, intelligent lover.

When Daniel leaves, Sarah’s life becomes a series of empty one night stands in a subconscious search for something she can never find and when he returns to her and resumes his behaviour, she is grateful where she shouldn’t be.

Whilst this book dealt with the taboo issues of teacher/student relationships and had more than its fair share of strong and abusive language and BDSM scenes, it was more than justified. Only through Emily Maguire’s gritty, violent prose could we see just how tortured a single soul can become when conditioned from the impressionable age of fourteen to accept abuse, any abuse, as love.




Taming the Beast


At the tender age of fourteen, Sarah Clark is seduced by her thirty-eight-year-old English teacher, Daniel Carr, and becomes entangled in an illegal, erotic, passionate, and dangerous affair—a vicious meeting of minds and bodies that ends badly. Devastated by grief and longing, Sarah embarks upon a series of meaningless self-abasing sexual encounters, hoping to reclaim the intensity of that first relationship. Then, seven years later, Carr unexpectedly returns and Sarah is drawn again into a destructive coupling. Now that she is no longer an innocent young girl, is she strong enough to finally tame the beast within her? A modern Lolita, Taming the Beast is an emotionally unflinching and alluring tale that introduces a powerful new writer.

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