Who is Sarah Lawson by K. J. Rabane

GENRE: Suspense | PAGES: 420

My rating: ★★★

Who is Sarah Lawson is enjoyable and intriguing beginning with a woman stepping into her home to find it already occupied by a family who claims she is someone she isn’t. The premise is outrageous but it is handled well enough to suspend disbelief.

The story was well thought out and the characters well developed. The ending, however, felt rushed and anticlimactic, and the grammar errors throughout were frustrating and could have been avoided. That aside, the book could easily have been a four-star read.




  Who is Sarah Lawson


How would you feel coming home to find a family living in your house who call you Sarah, tell you your brother’s name is Andy and insist that you should be ashamed of calling the police for help? My name is Rowena Shaw and I’ve never seen any of them before. They are total strangers. It’s Thursday and it’s just the beginning.

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