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Greetings from the other side of the world!


I’m writing this from St Helena: a beautiful little dust-speck of an island in the South Atlantic, my birthplace and (not coincidentally) the setting for my first book, Blood’s Veil


Ain’t it pretty?


shona moyce st helena
Image © Shona Kaye


Epic views aside, when I said back in February 2018 that posts would ‘be sporadic‘, I’m fairly certain a year-long absence—from this blog and from UK life—was not what I had in mind at the time. Yet, I find myself still here on the island—back at home after fourteen years—in a new job and a new relationship… I won’t bore anyone with the details—you’re welcome!—but let’s just say if that last post in 2018 was a cliffhanger at the end of a book or movie, the (slightly dodgy) sequel features an all-new cast of characters, a completely different setting, and a haphazard mishmash of inexplicable (and let’s be real, at times, downright crazy) events. Quite frankly, even I have no real clue what’s been happening half the time.


Life sure knows how to knock you on your ass when you’re already confused about which way is up.


At the time, if a single person had so much as whispered the words ‘silver lining’ or ‘everything happens for a reason’ or [insert irritatingly optimistic outlook here], I’d have likely bopped them on the nose—and then some.


Honestly, though… they’d have been right.


As annoying as it is for a cynic like myself to admit, sometimes, things really must get worse before they get better, and enduring the first few months of hell back here on St Helena has proven to be more than worth it. It isn’t always ideal, it’s never perfect, and there are still days when life is nothing but a big confuddling mess. 


But… right now, I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time.


It brings this quote to mind from Irish novelist, George Moore:


A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.


Until next time, here are a few photos from the last year on St Helena, including a couple of snapshots from the signing at St Helena’s public library last year. 



shona moyce st helena author


shona moyce st helena

shona moyce st helena





shona moyce st helena
Image © Shona Kaye


shona moyce st helena
Image © Shona Kaye


shona moyce st helena
Image © Shona Kaye



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  • All-new blog posts, the first of which will include topics such as the link between creativity and mental illness, BS facts about writing, and on a more lighthearted note, more listicles (yay!) including the top ten polarising books and best-loved (and most hated) tropes. 

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