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greetings from st helena shona kaye

Greetings from St Helena!

Greetings from the other side of the world! I'm writing this from St Helena: a beautiful little dust-speck of an island in the South Atlantic, my birthplace and (not coincidentally) the setting for my first book, Blood's Veil. Ain't it pretty? Epic views aside, when I said back in February ... READ MORE
you can't go home again

You Can’t Go Home Again… Or Can You?

THOMAS WOLFE FAMOUSLY SAID: 'You can't go home again.' Of course, he meant that time and change doesn't allow for such nostalgia... but nevertheless, Mr Wolfe (you bloody know-it-all) we ARE going home... again. We are moving back to St Helena. In just a few days we will have (hopefully) ... READ MORE
letter to my younger self shona kaye

A Letter to My Younger Self

Hello, Past Me. It's hard, isn't it? Life. Growing up. Discovering so many versions of yourself that you cannot fathom who you actually are. So, you took the easy route and have begun to reflect what you believe people want to see in you but these versions conflict with one ... READ MORE
seven things I wish I'd known when I was younger shona kaye

Seven Things I Wish I’d Known When I Was Younger

Life is full of lessons. Unfortunately, there's no handbook. And let's be real: even if there was one, we probably wouldn't read it. We'd struggle along anyway, convinced that we know the ins and outs without the need for instructions, setting up our lives like it’s nothing more than a ... READ MORE
Uncharted 4's Nathan Drake: 5 Character Flaws We Love

Uncharted 4’s Nathan Drake: 5 Character Flaws We Love

Back in September, I spent three solid days shamelessly glued to the PlayStation with Uncharted 4. For those of you who aren't gamers, Uncharted is a series of role-play action-adventure games featuring Nathan Drake—a wisecracking hunk of beefcake with a penchant for treasure hunting and getting himself into gun-fighting pickles ... READ MORE
just write shona kaye

Don’t dream. Just write.

This post was written around the time I decided to take writing seriously. Before that, blogging to me was nothing more than journaling. Writing was no more than a hobby and a pipe-dream. I continue to keep this post as a reminder to myself to keep going. I should also ... READ MORE
depression shona kaye

Depression | The Edge

I'm at the edge again. That place you find yourself after battling with something larger than life to the point of giving in, lying back, and thinking: Do your worst, fucker. I've been there before—several times—more often than any of my closest friends may know, more than the busy-bodies from ... READ MORE
On Being 30

On Being 30

Welcome to the Thirties Club. Here are a few pointers. I'm turning 31 in a few weeks. After nearly a year of this 'Flirty Thirty' charade, here are my two cents pence. 3 Things you’ll miss when you’re 30 1. Your 20s Obviously. You'll look at those 'crazy kids' with ... READ MORE
bucket list shona kaye

Bucket List

Alternative title: All the crap I want to do before I kick the bucket. Updated May 2020 Personal goals
  • Accept all aspects of myself; be open to change.
  • Establish healthy boundaries and respect the boundaries of others.
  • Be a better version of myself.
  • Kick depression's ass.
  • Make a difference ... READ MORE


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