World of Immisceo



Luciana is a skilled witch, as powerful as she is wilful and stubborn. But neither trait aids her when she is forced into a preposterous task by those responsible for so much death. Caught between two enemies, she is determined not to fail her son—even if it costs her own life.


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World of Immisceo - Characters - Luciana


Nate feels stifled and overprotected by his older brother, Garrett. Trapped by the same circumstances which saved him from the streets years earlier, he is desperate for freedom and adventure. Meeting Luciana gives him at least one of those two things.


‘We all know pain. It becomes a part of us… But it doesn’t define us.’

World of Immisceo - Characters - Nate


Garrett is a resourceful thief, spy, and henchman to Amara, hell-bent on doing whatever it takes to please her and protect his brother. More often than not, those two motives refuse to align, and despite his best efforts, he knows that the time to make an inevitable choice is fast approaching.


‘I can’t protect a corpse, can I?’

World of Immisceo - Characters - Garrett


Amara spent her childhood on the run from the Duciti, cast as a fugitive for her very nature—a Mimic. She is only as powerful as the magic she borrows from ancient spells or any witch she has tactile contact with, which is not nearly as powerful as she needs to be to exact justice for her parents. She intends to change that.


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World of Immisceo - Characters - Amara



Eli is an Immisceo, a powerful witch with dual abilities, conceived to win a war that shouldn’t have been his to fight. 


‘This isn’t real.’

World of Immisceo - Characters - Eli


Toby might possess powerful magic, but he prefers a trouble-free life as a humble farmer—at least until he is selected by the Duciti and matched with Luciana in a quest that can only end badly. His gentle, duty-bound nature is tested when his new family comes under threat.


‘Are you willing to be a fugitive for the rest of your life?’

World of Immisceo - Characters - Toby


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World of Immisceo - Characters - Calloway


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World of Immisceo - Characters - Kate