World of Immisceo

Fantasy Playlist

Music, maestro.


Whilst admittedly a bit of an eccentric when it comes to music, in that I’m a fan of both Guns and Roses and Beethoven, my OTP would have to be alternative/indie rock. I’m an alt-rock fan through and through–I love that beautiful weaving of deep, raw lyrics and hauntingly melancholy acoustics that I’ve yet to find an equal for within other genres. When it comes to writing alongside music, however, I’m a bit temperamental. Lyrics distract me, as does rhythm; so the only music I can fully tolerate has to be instrumental–and it does depend on the scene I’m writing.


During the writing of Immisceo, I was drawn toward an endless stream of ‘epic’ tunes. Cue fantasy playlist. If it wasn’t big and bold enough to make me immediately associate it with settings easily found within the likes of Lord of the Rings or Avatar or… [insert mystical forest here] then it didn’t fit my theme. Somehow writing alongside this music made the journey ten times more magical and made my characters truly come alive.


Here are two of the Youtube fantasy playlists I played (pretty much to death) over the course of drafting the first book in the Immisceo Series.


These tracks are beautifully epic–an absolutely perfect companion for conjuring up a fantastical, magical world. I cannot begin to fathom just how many times I listened to this on a loop. But a few hundred more wouldn’t go amiss.



I’m a true fan of the melancholy and this tracklist doesn’t get much better. As well as being haunting, there is an epic scale to the music. It was perfect for those moments in the Immisceo storyline when I needed to tap into the well of emotions.