Immisceo: Undone

The Immisceo Series

Invincibility is merely an illusion…




Reeling from her tragic loss, Luciana has only one purpose: exacting revenge on the Mimic, Amara.

But as the new source of Immisceo power, Luciana has become a magnet for the tyrants of the world—and the coven leaders, the Duciti, will stop at nothing to acquire what is theirs.

Luciana doesn’t care. She is now one of the most powerful witches on the planet—and she has nothing left to lose.

But she is yet to learn a difficult lesson: weakness doesn’t always come from within.

And invincibility is merely an illusion…

immisceo undone- immisceo 2 - fantasy romance - fantasy series


Release date: TBA

Published by Storm Eye

Available Soon

Get swept away into a world of magic and adventure in book two of this all-new fantasy series.


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