World of Immisceo


Witches of the world were all once gifted in magic of both the mind and of the elements. Their power came to be known as Immisceo magic, meaning mixed or dual. So strong are these abilities, that Nature herself enforced a limit. Those born with both strains of power would face twice as many limitations, able to use only a fraction of their magic without fatal consequences. Other unions gave birth to magicless witches, possessing the capacity for dual magic but born bereft of power. This was the way of the world. But as time passed, witches in authority sought greater control of their people, imposing a barbaric law and weeding out the dual magic—separating Mind from Energy in a divide that swallowed families, crumbled cities, and began a decades-long revolt against the Leaders of the world. Thus, the two covens of Nosiras was born.

The Covens



Mind Witch

Mind Manipulation — The ability to enter another person’s mind and access memories or dreams, manipulate memories, plant visions, or abuse—causing pain, loss of consciousness, even death.
Telekinesis — The ability to control, manipulate, or move objects and matter using the mind.



Energy Witch

Absorption — The ability to draw power from energy sources.
Conversion — convert or manipulate energy into another form of energy to wield as a weapon, or convert into something else entirely, like physical strength.



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immisceo magic

The Duciti

The Duciti is made up of The Six. These six leaders are three from each coven, preselected by both birthright and power, skilled and strong in all magical abilities with the exception of the extremely rare power of Bestowal.